Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crazy Person with a Camera

Our hedge on the driveway
Frost on the periwinkle leaves in the front yard
Squirrel in the back yard
Crows up at the park
Old building near a museum
I loooove the colours and the focus in this photo!
Old car in said museum
These colours remind me of spring. I am a sucker for water drops
anyone care to buy me this car?
I would love you forever if you buy me this car!
The Rosa Parks bus at the museum
Classic car reflecting neon signs
Shiny cars are fun to shoot!
Old car at the museum
Old church in the fog, we were going over a bridge, so that is the bar
I love these photos of waves and snow! I just about froze taking them so they better be good!
more freezing cold photos....worth it though!
Horses in a snow flurry
Chandelier around Christmas at a large house we visited
Antique glassware at the old house
Mirror in the old house, around christmas, obviously...

This has been a photo dump of photos that I didn't have enough of to make a whole post. So they all get thrown in here! These photos are from December to the present. Hope you enjoyed all the random!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


These photos are from this past summer. We hatched a bunch of monarch caterpillars, and when they hatch they just sit around drying out their wings. Prime photo time! I had forgotten to upload these before! I was sure I had some monarch photos on this blog, but I can't find any, so I am either fooling myself or I am blind. These photos are all of the same butterfly, sitting on a cone flower in my front yard. Thank you for looking!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Great Grey part two snowy owls

Best pictures I got of the snowy owls
The snowy owls were out standing in their field...get it?!?
Great Grey again

Here are the rest of the Owl pictures. I got a few good ones of him flying, had to crop them down a bit though.
I have some more artwork and soon I will have schoolwork to upload here. I will try to do that soon! I also want to get out and take photos of the snow we got today! Stay tuned!

PS tons more owl pictures here

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Great Grey part 1

eating a mouse!

Hello all!

The past week has been eventful! This is good since it is the last week before school starts again. Christmas break was way too short!

These pictures are of a Great Grey Owl that has recently taken residence near my house. Isn't he gorgeous! Mom, her friend Tiffanie, and I all went up to see him on New Year's Eve. We spent about 3 hours taking photos and following him, during which time he flew right over our heads, and ate a mouse! I took about 1600 pictures, so this is part 1 of who knows how many! I will not be uploading all 1600 though! Keep your eyes peeled for more pictures!

Thanks for looking!