Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Backyard: The National Preserve

Hello again!
We have so much wildlife in our backyard right now! Below are photos of some of them. No raccoon photos though, they come out when it is too dark for decent photos!
 owls sheltering from the rain

 baby skunk that wandered through with mummy skunk

 Cicada skin-thouroughly freaked out my little brother and my mother!
 newly hatched Monarch hanging out on my mural

 the owl's daytime hangout

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Owl Love 2

Hello again!
This past night was the BEST for photos! I love having them all around every night. My Mother and I end up sitting outside watching them every evening. We don't want them to fledge and leave our yard! Hopefully they will come back next year!
Enjoy! The bottom photos are my favourites ;)
 3 babies peering at me

 Mummy owl got alarmed by a Robin
 Yelling at the Robin
The scary Robin ;) 


Owl Love

More pictures of our backyard owls! This will be a double post, cause I took so many pictures over a few nights. Enjoy the pictures!