Saturday, July 23, 2011

Light & Colour

Hello all!
Some more random photography! I am currently going through the 400+ photos I took at the Josh Groban concert...which was AMAZING! Still randomly giggling :3 anyways, I will eventually upload a bunch of those! For now you can look at this! I have been experimenting in photoshop more, playing with black and white and exposure and so on. Hence the horse and the bottom picture (you can decide what it is). I hope you like!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Whoosh POP

Here are some Canada Day fireworks! I absolutely LOVE that top photo! It is so sparkly! I am such a girl!
I said everything I had to say in the last post! oh well...
Hope you like my sparkly pictures!


Spirit done in Illustrator on the computer
Doctor Who!!!!!!! He is so much fun to draw!
The view from our Uncle's lake
Welp, random post is random! I had a bunch of pieces that didn't fit anywhere so they all end up in here!
The top and bottom pieces are for a 30 Day Art Challenge I am currently working through. The challenge keeps me busy through the summer.
I got a call from the University today and I can finally start the mural!! So on Wednesday I again cease to have a life! I am glad to get started on it though! Can't wait! I should make up a business card for while I am there!
Josh Groban Concert tomorrow! Sooooo excited!!
I hope you like this random post!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello again!
These two pieces are done with black ink that I use for school. I am really happy with both of them! The ink is a lot of fun to work with! The horse photo is from a book I have, and the Lemur is a done from a photo I took at the zoo. Click the pictures for bigger! Thank you for looking! I update my Deviantart more regularly, so if you want to see what I am up to, check there!

One Moose, Two Meese

These photos are from our trip to Algonquin while we were at the cottage. We saw a total of 4 moose! Rather exciting! We also saw a porcupine in a tree beside the road.
I am seriously behind with this blog! I still have fireworks pictures, and loads of flowers, and bunny pictures, and some artwork!
This Tuesday Mom and I are going to see Josh Groban in concert!!! We are soooo excited! I did a portrait of him, so I still have to mount that on a board, and see if I can get it signed! Hopefully I will be able to get some good pictures, first time doing concert pictures, so might take some experimentation.
Keep checking back! I plan on updating more often now! Thank you for looking!