Friday, June 11, 2010

Lavender Dew

Hey there! How are you today?

As promised here is a picture I took of the light purple rose bush I got. Isn't it Prettyful?!? I love it. It doesn't have anymore buds right now, so hopefully it will get more!

This is our other rose bush. It has a ton of blooms this year! It's very pretty and smells divine! Some of the blooms are white and some are more pink and cream. They are very pretty and I have a couple in my room right now, which makes my room smell really good! I hope you like the pictures! I wish I could do a scratch and sniff blog so you could smell them! Have a wonderful day!
PS Pray for my best friend Joanna, she is in Papua New Guinie for 6 weeks on a mission trip!

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