Saturday, October 9, 2010

Camera Junkie

lots of geese
I absolutley adore this blue colour!
these lizards were so funny, really hamming it up!
I love those pictures that are pure chance!
big koi that could have taken a toe off
RUN TURKEY RUN! lovely looking things, no wonder we eat them!
baby goats will eat leaves...alot...
The first of a few posts on all the random pictures I take when I have a camera in my hand! I go pretty crazy! These pictures are from a few weeks back, and I only posted my favorites! Hopefully tomorrow...or sometime, I will put up another huge picture post with a bunch of random pictures I take when I am bored!
Let me know what your favorite picture is in the comments!
PS Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful this year...thankful you aren't a turkey!

UPDATE: yay I finally figured out how to get the new header up! Hope you like!

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