Monday, January 3, 2011


School starts again next week, so I have been painting like mad while I still have time! I just finished this one Saturday night! And I started it last monday, so I managed to get this one out fairly quickly! I just recently started another painting, we shall see if it gets done before school! I will try my hardest to finish it. I like how it is progressing so far!
This painting is an Oil on Canvas. It was a commision from my cousin, so she took it home with her Sunday morning. It always feels weird sending paintings away, kinda like I am selling my children or something! Gonna be hard to make a living if that doesn't change! Anywho, I really like this painting, it turned out really well! My cousin likes it too, so another happy customer! I hope you like it!
If I finish my current painting I will upload it before school...hopefully!

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