Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crazy Person with a Camera

Our hedge on the driveway
Frost on the periwinkle leaves in the front yard
Squirrel in the back yard
Crows up at the park
Old building near a museum
I loooove the colours and the focus in this photo!
Old car in said museum
These colours remind me of spring. I am a sucker for water drops
anyone care to buy me this car?
I would love you forever if you buy me this car!
The Rosa Parks bus at the museum
Classic car reflecting neon signs
Shiny cars are fun to shoot!
Old car at the museum
Old church in the fog, we were going over a bridge, so that is the bar
I love these photos of waves and snow! I just about froze taking them so they better be good!
more freezing cold photos....worth it though!
Horses in a snow flurry
Chandelier around Christmas at a large house we visited
Antique glassware at the old house
Mirror in the old house, around christmas, obviously...

This has been a photo dump of photos that I didn't have enough of to make a whole post. So they all get thrown in here! These photos are from December to the present. Hope you enjoyed all the random!

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