Saturday, February 11, 2012


Fictional cereal design done with a partner
London, Englad tourism bag, more on this below
London, England female tourism shirt
London, England male tourism shirt
Galaxy painting done in photoshop

This is a big dump of school projects I have done this past semester so far. I will break them down for you!
1. Cereal Box design: In groups of 2, we came up with the name, logo, mascot, photography, and brand name/logo and put it all together in a design. Pieced together in photoshop.
2-4. T-shirt Branding and Design: The project was to create a brand for a new t-shirt company. My brand is Cuppa T, a new tourism shirt brand, looking to redesign the tourist shirt in a new, appealing way. #2 is the bag I designed, and 3-4 are the t-shirt designs, for male and female. See if you can guess all the London, England symbols!
5. Galaxy painting: pretty self explanatory, the painting is a mishmash of a few different photos, I think that is the planet Neptune (or Uranus, I have forgotten) and the stars are from the constellation Orion.
Hope you like! I will upload zoo photos soon!

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