Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shutter Happy

creepy stalker frog watches you sleep

I really want this one printed out big and on my wall, I loooove it!

best. critters. ever.
These peacocks have no fear, but they move too much!

Go to the zoo. take pictures of the common sparrow.
"who cares about the polar bear there are SPARROWS here!"

creepiest animal ever? Or just the creepiest animal ever.

flower power seal
Dancing bear :)

silly squirrel! No worries he got away though! Eagle wasn't hungry!
"The Posse"

Kangaroo Joey!

I want a pet snake....Mom doesn't want one.....
not sure if cute or stuff of nightmares
Red Panda kisses :)

red panda's are the cutest things!

Here are most of the zoo pictures! I will probably put some more up at a later date, I was just tired of waiting for all these to upload! I always go a little crazy at the zoo, and the last time we went all the animals were very active and photogenic. Both of the wolverines were out! I didn't even know there were 2 of them! The horses were wonderful also, as always!
Hope you like this large dump of photos! More soon!

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